Kaddish Concert

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2011, 6:00 PM

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2011, 8:30pm

Union Libérale Israélite de France – 24 rue Copernic – 75116 Paris

The Centre Français des Musiques Juives and the 4 liberal Jewish communities of Paris (ULIF, MJLF, CJL, KG) invite you to a special “Kaddish” concert.

More than 15 musical versions of this fundamental prayer of Jewish liturgy will be performed: joyful Kaddish, Hasidic Kaddish, majestic Kaddish… Kaddish music is never “sad”!

The program:

  • Kaddish from the European liturgical tradition: Jules Franck, Emile Jonas, Salamone Rossi, Itaï Daniel
  • Kaddish by 20th-century North American composers and cantors: Morris Barsh, Meir Finkelstein, Max Helfman, Sid Robinovitch, Sholom Secunda, Ralph Schlossberg, Leibele Waldman, Lazar Weiner
  • Kaddish composed for the concert: Works by Maurice Ravel, Graciane Finzi, Olivier Greif
    and two world premiere works:
  • “Paris Kaddish 2011” by Charles Z. Bornstein, for choir, organ, piano, harp, string quintet and 4 solo singers
  • Kaddish by Jean-François Zygel, for cello and piano

This concert will be preceded by an introduction by Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz (MJLF), who will present the Kaddish prayer in its historical, liturgical and musical dimensions.

Ticket price: €25

CFMJ, ULIF, MJLF, CJL, KG members, Aleph card (MAHJ), students: €20 (membership card to be shown at concert entrance)

NEW! Online ticketing: www.ulif.org or by phone : 01 47 04 37 27

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