Hebrew melodies concert

With Sarah Iancu on the cello and David Bismuth on the piano

Watch excerpts from the concert performed by the cellist Sarah Iancu and the pianist David Bismuth, as part of the 13th edition of the Festival des Cultures Juives 2017, on June 19, 2017.

Concert proposed by : the European Institute of Jewish Music, the National Archives and the Direction of the cultural action of the FSJU


Listen to the music in the CD Hebrew Melodies published by the EIJM Editions
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Excerpts from :
02:15 Prayer (Ernest Bloch)
05:16 Mejdel in die Johren (Viktor Ullmann)
06:11 Kaddisch (Maurice Ravel)
08:16 Jewish Song (Ernest Bloch)
09:41 The Young Girls’s Song (Dimitri Chostakovitch)

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