Release of a new collection of three new scores by Itaï Daniel by the EIJM's publishing house

The EIJM’s publishing house is proud to announce the release of three new original musical scores written by ltaï Daniel, a composer, pianist and conductor, born in Israel.

Itaï Daniel offers us three new creations of the traditional song Hevenu Shalom Alekhem, (literally, “We announce you Peace”), the first one, composed for piano and men and women choirs, the second one, for piano and soprano, alto, tenor and bass and the last one, for piano, soprano and tenor.


Purchase the score HEVENU SHALOM ALEKHEM N° 1 – 2 – 3 on the EIJM Online Shop


Sung by: – Ensemble Choral Copernic – Chœur Zemel de Londres – Wiener jüdischer Chor de Vienne – Coro Hakol de Rome – Ensemble Strudl de Lviv en Ukraine

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