Hidden sides of Jewish music : Françoise Atlan

A radio Show broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, hosted by Hélène Engel

Les faces cachées de la musique juive – 2014,
Radio SHALOM Montréal (1650 AM)

Jewish and Arabic music

A radio program hosted by Hélène Engel, broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal in 2014.
In this broadcast, Hélène Engel presents the CD “Andalussiyat” by the singer [Françoise Atlan->https://www.iemj.org/atlan-francoise-2/, released in 2001. This album includes nine compositions which blends Jewish and Arabic music, with Andalusian influences.

h._engel_10mm.jpgHélène Engel is a singer, musicologist, author, composer and arranger. She is interested in all aspects of Jewish music, from the collecting of historical sounds to today’s compositions. Based in Montreal, she hosts the radio show ” The hidden sides of Jewish Music” on Radio SHALOM Montreal.

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