Hidden Sides of Jewish Music: the Ensemble Sy Kushner

A radio Show broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, hosted by Hélène Engel

Les faces cachées de la musique juive – 2014, Radio SHALOM Montréal (1650 AM)

Hélène Engel makes us discover the 4th album of the American band Sy Kushner. This album released in 2013 by the music label Nulite Music is called Klez, Kush & Son.

Influenced by the Israeli folkloric dance, Middle-Eastern music, latin, hassidic and klezmer music, this album opens new perspectives in the field of Jewish music.


h._engel_10mm.jpgHélène Engel is a singer, musicologist, author, composer and arranger. She is interested in all aspects of Jewish music, from the collecting of historical sounds to today’s compositions. Based in Montreal, she hosts the radio show ” The hidden sides of Jewish Music” on Radio SHALOM Montreal.

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