Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg

Artistic and musical director : Hector Sabo

Motivated by a constant desire of perfection, it gathers under the direction of Hector Sabo around 40 chorists, and a small group of soloists, who gather every tuesday evenings to complete and improve their repertoire.
Several soloists from this group, who come from the National Music School and who wish to forge a career in the lyrical realm, got engagements in the operas of Los Angeles or Nantes.
This proves the quality of this ensemble, which while remaining amateur, is in constant search of musical perfection, under the impulse of its conductor Hector Sabo.
To participate to this choir, it is not necessary to know solfeggio nor Hebrew (the music scores are written in phonetic) but it is important to wish to participate to a collective activity which leads to production which brings great joys and personal satisfaction.

The Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg aim to spread the Jewish music repertoire. The latter is original, varied, and is centered on the Hebrew thematic, wether it is secular or sacred, in particular through synagogal compositions who have no longer their place in today’s cultural context.
During concerts, one can hear famous songs, Jewish Ashkenazi music of the 19th and 21th centuries for a mixed choir ( Lewandowsky, Naumbourg, Meyerbeer….) or less known (Darius Milhaud, Zaydl Rovner, Samuel Weisser, Kalman Sazlavsky), Judeo-Italian madrigals (Salomone Rossi) Judeo-Spanish folklore, Yiddish and Israeli songs, arranged for this type of vocal formation.
The repertoire calls often for solo parts in all registers, allowing thus the band to invite guests to sing.

Contact : Bernard ASPIS – baspis@yahoo.fr or evmhstrasbourg@gmail.com,
tél : 03 88 84 02 47

Visit the choir’s webpage


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