Concert : The Slavic Soul in Copernic

Music in Copernic

Watch several excerpts of the concert : The Slavic Soul in Copernic, which took place on March 18th 2018, in the Synagogue Copernic This concert was dedicated to Odessa and to the legendary violonist David Oïstrakh (1908-1974).

With :
Victoria Shereshevskaya (Mezzo-soprano)
Alexandra Soumm (Violin)
Rémi Geniet (Piano)

Excerpts from :
– Etriqué (Weinberg)
– Le Lotus (Rachmaninov)
– Berceuse (Tchaikovsky)
– Cosmos d’Odessa (Galpérine)
– Ce fut par un doux printemps (Tchaikovsky)

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