Fernand Halphen, a composer in the Great War

Concert for the centenary of World War 1

On April 6, 2014, for the commemorations celebrating 100 years after World War 1 (1914-1918), the European Institute of Jewish Music organized a concert, along with the Museum of Art and History of Judaism, around the works of Fernand Halphen, Gabriel Fauré, Reynaldo Hahn, Jules Massenet and Claude Debussy from which you can watch a few excerpts

The concert was presented by the musicologist Laure Schnapper, president of the EIJM. The musicians were Marie-Laure Garnier (soprano), Célia Oneto Bensaïd (piano) and Célia Triplet (violin).

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Watch the conference by Laure Schnapper : Fernand Halphen – A Jewish musician in the Great War

– Les gnomes (Paul Reboux), 1906
– L’enamourée (Théodore de Banville), 1891
– Nocturne (unreleased) for violin and piano, 1889
– Sicilienne, for violin and piano, 1898
– Nocturne, for piano, 1898
– Les tranchées, melody (Capitaine de Lécluse) in tribute to Lieutenant Paul Levylier
killed in battle), 25 mai 1916
– Vieille chanson, melody (Jacques Hébertot), 18 nov. 1916, dedicated to Melle de Fleury [military nurse]
– Amour pur, for vocals, violin and piano (Gaston Habrehorn), (unreleased), 1898

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