Klezmer music and Yiddish songs from Poland

Native of Poland, and returning there regularly, Natan Feigeles collected over a period of several years all documents related to Ashkenazi music, particularly from Poland. 

Since March 2018, Natan Feigeles deposited 160 documents at the European Institute of Jewish Music. This collection comprises today 140 CD’s, edited mainly in Poland, as well as 33 RPM discs, 8 books and several other varied archives.

Giora Feidman, Bente Kahan, Leopold Kozłowski, André Ochodlo, Transkapela, Irena Urbanska are just a few examples among all the artists present in this collection.

These archives are now available for consultation on our online catalog (browse the Natan Feigeles collection) or by making an appointment with the European Institute of Jewish Music (

View a brief presentation of the Natan Feigeles Collection

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