Hidden Sides of Jewish Music : Dub and Hip-Hop music

A radio Show broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, hosted by Hélène Engel

Les faces cachées de la musique juive – 2012,
Radio SHALOM Montréal (1650 AM)

Dub and Hip Hop music.

In this show of Hidden Sides of Jewish Music, Hélène Engel presents, for a more modern broadcast, 2 CD which use contemporary forms and techniques : Dub and Hip Hop, in their Jewish expression.

In the first part, she presents in particular the album Adonai in dub from bass player David Gould, produced by John Zorn in 2001, that has a reggae flavour and electronic sonorities. The song we will hear Adonaï noise dub, asks the question of how each one of us imagines the voice of God.

Referring to a compilation disc with several Hip Hop artists, Hélène Engel, in the 2 last parts of the broadcast, presents an excerpt from the band Blood of Abraham, created in 1993. After a first album released in a context of strong tension between Jewish and Black communities, the band releases a second album called Eyedollartree with the song we will hear Only the wise.

Also featuring in this compilation, the American rapper Remedy, first rap singer to be white and Jewish in the Wu-Tang Clan collective, whose most famous song is Never again, referring to the Holocaust. Hélène Engel makes us hear A Muslim and a Jew, a song that presents the 2 sides of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict, with for mediator, the leader of Wu-Tang Clan.

h._engel_10mm.jpgHélène Engel is a singer, musicologist, author, composer and arranger. She is interested in all aspects of Jewish music, from the collecting of historical sounds to today’s compositions. Based in Montreal, she hosts the radio show ” The hidden sides of Jewish Music” on Radio SHALOM Montreal.

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