Klezmer Attitude : A compared listening of several klezmer standards

A radio broadcast hosted by Edmond Ghrenassia


Since 2005, Edmond Ghrenassia hosts every Monday the program Klezmer Attitude on Radio Judaïca in Lyon. 30 minutes of klezmer music and Yiddish songs, that sometimes extends to other Jewish music, such as Sephardi, Oriental, religious or secular.

In this broadcast, Edmond Ghrenassia presents three standards of klezmer music performed by the Dutch band Bojbriker Klezmorim, compared with the interpretations by other artists, such as Denis Cuniot, or the Amsterdam Klezmer Band…

Music broadcasted

  • Bojbriker Klezmorim – Odessa Bulgar
  • Denis Cuniot – Odessa Bulgar
  • Bojbriker Klezmorim – Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym
  • Orient Express Moving Shnorers – Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym
  • Bojbriker Klezmorim – Terkisher Yale V’yova
  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Terkisher Yale V’yova

edmond_casque_ok_petit-2.jpgFormed to be engeneer, and teacher in the university, Edmond Ghrenassia hosts since 2005 the show Klezmer Attitude on Radio Judaïca Lyon, program created to promote Jewish music. In 2009, he created the International Festival of Jewish Music of Lyon which takes place every year in the Espace Hillel, where he programmed over 50 concerts. Also a musician, he plays in several klezmer bands since 2003 and recorded several CD’s..

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