The Hourglass of Time/Trans-African Klezmer

Watch videos from the Gala Concert of the European Institute of Jewish Music, Salle Cortot (Paris 17th) on Sunday November 12, 2017, with the support of the Henriette Halphen Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français.

Featuring: A musical journey to the heart of the Jewish soul: The Hourglass of Time , performed by Virginie Constant and a world premiere by Denis Cuniot: Trans-African Klezmer.

In the first part, Virginie Constant, cello and Simon Zaoui, at the piano, invited us to travel accompanied by the rhythms of secular and sacred works, mainly written in the first half of the 20th century by composers in search of a Jewish musical identity. The works played included those of Joseph Achron, Ernest Bloch, Gideon Klein, Lazare Saminski, Mark Warshawsky …

In the second part of the concert, Denis Cuniot, accompanied by Julien André, on African drums, and Jean-Philippe Viret, on the double bass, performed a colorful show, bringing together klezmer and African music, with the exceptional participation of the African dancer Aminata Traoré amplifying the pleasure of hearing AND watching …

Download the program (french) of the Gala concert of the EIJM 2017

1st part: The Hourglass of Time
Matana – Serge kaufmann
Voix dans le désert – Ernest Bloch
Conte hébraïque op.17 n°1 – Lazare Saminsky
Mélodie hébraïque – Joseph Achron
Oyfn Pripetchik – Mark Warshawsky
2nd part: Trans-African Klezmer
Desert Wedding – Denis Cuniot
African Mazal – Abdullah Ibrahim & Denis Cuniot
Oriental Mazal – Improvisation de Denis Cuniot
Maz’ l’ s Transes – Abraham Ellstein et air traditionnel
Debka Druze – A. Givon

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