Chanukah: the EIJM’s selection, 1st part

A playlist for the whole family !

The feast of Chanukah is a time for joy and singing.

Here is a selection of songs to listen to… and to sing along!

Chanukah or “inauguration” in Hebrew celebrates the re-inauguration of the altar in the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem.

According to the tradition, after the pillage and soiling of the Temple by the Seleucids, the priests found a small flask with enough oil to enlighten the Temple for just one day. But then happened Chanukah ’s miracle: the small quantity of oil burned for 8 days, 8 days to enlighten and purify the Temple of Jerusalem.


Also called the “Festival of Lights,” Chanukah is the children’s favorite holiday. During eight days, we light candles, eat latkes and sweets, give each other gifts and sing family songs.

Listen to the playlist: Chanukah: the EIJM’s selection, 2nd part
Listen to the radio show : Chanukah, voices of lights, hosted by Hervé Roten (in French)
Listen to the radio show : Hidden sides of Jewish music : Chanukah, hosted by Hélène Engel (in French)


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