Mystical chanting in the Jewish tradition

Vox aurea - Via sacra /Voix d'or - Voie sacrée 2013: Paths to ecstasy

Symposium, workshops and concerts on ecstatic singing in the three revealed religions

In September 2012 in Saint-Amand-Montrond (France), the first Vox Aurea-Via Sacra symposium set out to discuss a number of voice-related itineraries, at the crossroads of paths as diverse as the human sciences, art, spirituality and contemplative practices in different parts of the world… It brought together several internationally renowned artists.

Deepening its investigation into the relationship between the voice and the sacred, Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2013 addresses the study of ecstatic practices sustained by song as a medium specific to mysticism, expressed in the vocal modeling of a text or in bursts of voice without incarnated words…
The focus is on the three revealed religions: Judaism, Christianity (Roman and Byzantine) and Confraternity Islam with its Sufi mystics.

Hervé Roten will be presenting a paper on mystical chanting in the Jewish tradition.

For further information:
Vox Aurea Via Sacra – Colloque 2013 –
Contact: Claudette Gaudin on 33 (0)2 48 63 83 11 –
Hôtel de Ville, 2 rue Philibert-Audebrand, BP 196, 18206 Saint-Amand-Montrond Cedex

Vox aurea – Via sacra symposium program
Press release Vox Aurea 2013
Article in l’Echo du Berry


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