Nora Bisele

La boîte à souvenirs - French and Yiddish songs

Released in 2021, this first album from the duet of singers and musicians Nora Bisele gather 12 songs mixing French and Yiddish languages. Stories of tenderness, nostalgia and rebellion… Life stories.

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” Little, when grown-ups sang us songs, lullabies, and it finished, we always asked… Please, a little more!

My grandmother always responded before singing again : Nokh a bisele? And I always asked myself who is this Nora? I imagined her appearing in songs, dancing on the music, playful with the notes. Nora Bisele was always there, finding her way from my grandmother’s lips to my ears, as soon as I asked « A little more »…

pages_de_cd_1670_liv_500px.jpgToday, Elsa Signorile (vocals, accordion, guitar) and Raphaële Merdrignac (clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals) sing the stories of Nora Bisele. From French to Yiddish, from Yiddish to French, these stories are sweet, nostalgic, joyful, angry, or love stories. These are life stories!

So… A little more ? Nokh a bisele? “

From French singer Barbara to Itsik Manger, from Jeanne Moreau to Mordekhay Gebirtig, Nora Bisele plays with languages to take us on an intimate journey full of tenderness.

This CD comes with a beautiful booklet illustrated by Youna Tessier, compiling lyrics in Yiddish, their transliteration and translation in French.

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