Release of 4 new choral and instrumental scores by Itai Daniel

Itaï Daniel’s compositions are deeply inspired by Judaism and its music. Discover four new scores by this composer: a medley of the main Hanukkah melodies, a Grand Kaddish, a cantata on the biblical text of Cain and Abel, and the poignant sonata for transverse flute.

Composer, pianist, conductor, born in Israel, Itaï Daniel settled in France in 2004. As conductor of the Copernic Choral Ensemble since 2009, he has composed numerous pieces related to Jewish liturgy. Among his major works, there are three great cantatas: Machzor Chayïm, Shma Koleinu and B’reishït and many pieces of Jewish liturgical and popular music (YotzerYotzer, HaskivenuShalom Rav, Grand Kaddish, Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam…).

Since 2018, the IEMJ has published more than 30 works by Itai Daniel for various instrumental formations: choir, solo voices, piano, cello, flute…

This May 2024, four new unpublished scores are added to this catalog:

Khanuka Medley N°2, for choir and piano

Khanuka Medley 2 – MP3

Sonata for transverse flute

Sonata for transverse flute – MP3 (Extract)

Cain & Abel, for choir, oboe, viola and bassoon

Caïn & Abel, Itaï Daniel – MP3 (Extract)

Grand Kaddish, for tenor, choir and 4-hand piano

Grand Kaddish – MP3 (Extract)

These four scores are sold in our online store in paper or digital format. To order, click on the titles above.

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Audio extracts for each score below, as indicated


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