Release Party at La Bellevilloise: Yerushe, Autoryno play Zorn and Los Cigarillos en el Shtruddle in concert

As part of the Jazz’N’Klezmer Festival

As part of the Jazz’N’Klezmer Festival and in partnership with the IEMJ, the groups Yerushe, Autoryno play Zorn and Los Cigarillos en el Shtruddle, perform at La Bellevilloise to mark the release of their respective albums, including Somos Los Cigarillos and Yerushe, published by the IEMJ in the “Collection Découvertes”.

Eléonore Biezunski founded Yerushe (“heritage” in Yiddish) in 2014. She draws her repertoire from the holdings of Yiddish folkl collections (Ruth Rubin, Moshe Beregovski, Zusman Kisselgof), and brings out some little-known or forgotten gems.
With her colorful voice, her violin, and the inventive support of clarinettist Michel Schick and the other musicians, she aims to cross the boundaries between past and present with derision and impertinence.

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Autoryno play Zorn
After autoryno_bellevilloise.jpgtwo albums for the Tzadik label, blending jazz, rock-psych, groove, metal and Yiddish music, the Autoryno trio deliver ten sultry versions of John Zorn’s Book of Angels.
Impetuous, wild and exacerbated, the penultimate volume in the cult series is one of the most outrageous to date.

Los Cigarillos en el Shtruddle – Salsa klezmer
cigarillos_bellevilloise.jpgThere are strong similarities between klezmer and Latin rhythms. Playing on this unlikely kinship, David el Shatràn, the group’s arranger and pianist, has fun blending these two repertoires, giving birth to what might be described as “Jew Salsa”. They take us on a trip to the heart of a “Shtetlito Cubanele” where Gefilte Fish poached in Latin America is skilfully simmered in a salsa spiced with horseradish!

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