The pulse of yiddish Tango

Tzadik, 2008

This CD Tangele – The pulse of Yiddish Tango, published by Tzadik in 2008, explores the fascinating links between Yiddish songs and Tango. The composer and arranger Gustavo Beytelmann (pianist of Astor Piazzolla and founder of a famous trio piano bandoneon double bass with Patrice Caratini and Juan José Mosalini) did a Tango version of songs from concentration camps and Jewish ghettos of the Second World War, as well as tunes from the Yiddish theaters of Buenos Aires and New-York from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

17 songs performed by Lloica Czackis, born in Germany from Argentine parents, accompanied by Juan Lucas Aisemberg on the viola and Gustavo Beytelmann on the piano.

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Tracklist :
1. Dos transport yingl (Le garçon du transport)
2. Friling (Printemps)
3. Es iz geven a zumertog (C’était un jour d’été)
4. Tsi darf es azoy zayn? (Pourquoi doit-il en être comme ça ?)
5. Dos lid fun bialystoker geto (La chanson du ghetto de Bialystok)
6. Yidish tango (Tango yiddish /juif)
7. Kinder yorn (Années d’enfance)
8. Der tango fun Oshvientshim (Le tango d’Auschwitz)
9. Der Weg zum Glück (Le chemin de la joie)
10. Ikh hob tsayt, ikh vel vartn (J’ai du temps, je vais attendre)
11. Ales farloyrn (Tout est perdu)
12. Vu iz dayn shmeykhl? (Où es ton sourire ?)
13. Far mentshn bin ikh freylekh (Les gens me croient heureuse)
14. Ikh vel laydn in der shtil (Je souffrirai en silence)
15. Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib (Je t’aime trop)
16. Ogyn (Yeux)
17. Farges mikh nisht (Ne m’oublie pas)

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