Horse Raddish – Haskalah


New Horse Raddish album venturing along the path of original creation.

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This new album o f Horse Raddish explores new imaginary territories, inspired by Yiddish folklore, jazz and contemporary music. Sometimes rock, sometimes baroque, titles arouse us alternately arouse tenderness, humor and rage.

The title of the album is borrowed from the movement of the same name initiated by Moses Mendelssohn in the mid-eighteenth century. He evokes the revolution of enlightenment through the filter of Jewish identity in a modernist vision, a reformed thought in search of a utopian and humanist society. A more pious than pious wish that makes us travel to the borders of a fantastic universe, variegated with vibrant colors and a mixture of cultures. We can easily guess unarmed superheroes, characters in search of universal or intimate love who would be interested in secular domains such as literature, philosophy, music and music. mathematics. Result of several years of concerts where the narrative force has taken its place, these universes militate for a folklore tomorrow.


01 – Golem & Comics – (Michel Schick)

02 – Shtetl – (Michel Taïeb)

03 – Klezmer de Chine – (Michel Schick)

04 – D’Hiver Souhaits 1 – (Cedric Chatelain)

05 – Nadia à la poutre – (Michel Schick)

06 – La Haskalah des Cachinski – (Michel Schick)

07 – Buenos Aires – (Traditionnel, Collection Ruth Rubin)

08 – Brooklin Peanuts – (Michel TaÏeb)

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