Lecture by Hervé Roten and David Winter – “Yiddish music in Parisian cabarets after WWII”.

As part of Campus en musique at the Centre Medem Arbeter-Ring from April 21 to 23, 2017

In the post-war period, as Jews tried to rebuild themselves, both individually and collectively, Paris crystallized hopes for the revitalization of Jewish life in Europe, while also serving as a point of passage or home base for survivors in search of a new home.
A plethora of structures organize cultural life. Among them are a number of music labels (Le Disque Folklorique Yiddish, Saturne and Elesdisc). Elesdisc is located at 34 rue des Rosiers, in a boutique that was part bookshop, record shop and place of Jewish social life. Owner Léon Speiser took it over from his father Wolf Speiser, an immigrant from Odessa who arrived in Paris around 1895.
In 1948, this label – named after the initials of Léon Speiser (L. S. disques) – started recording artists such as Henri Gerro, Dave Cash, Sarah Gorby, Richard Inger, Elvira Boczkowska, Simon Nussbaum and Max Neufeld, who also performed in Parisian Yiddish and Russian cabarets.
Between 1948 and 1953, Elesdisc produced at least 154 of the 350 titles released by small Jewish music labels in Paris up to 1953.

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