Les voix de l’oubli : Erwin Schulhoff – Léo Smit

A performance by the flutist Virginie Reibel-Escoffier

Saphir Productions, 21-11-2012

Performed by the flutist Virginie Reibel-Escoffier, this disc deals with the times of the musical purge of Nazi Germany (1933-1945), with those musicians-composers, most of them Jewish, who were rejected before deportation and extermination.

This CD thus rescues from oblivion several works by Erwin Schulhoff and Léo Smit.

Pupil of Max Reger, Claude Debussy, Erwin Schulhof (1894 – 1942), born in Prague, he was arrested on June 22, 1941, and interned in the Wülzburg fortress, in Baviara, where he died from tuberculosis on August 28, 1942.

Influenced by French music (Milhaud, Roussel, Stravinsky…), Léo Smit (1900- 1943), born in Amsterdam in a Jewish family of Portuguese origin, was confined in the “Jews Theatre” of Amsterdam, before being deported to Sobibor’s concentration camp where he was killed by gas on April 30, 1943.

Erwin Schulhoff :
– Concertino for flute, viola and doublebass
– Sonata for flute and piano
– Susi fox song for flute & piano

Léo Smit :
– Trio for flute, viola and harp
– Quintet for flute, harp and string trio
– Sonata for flute and piano


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