Chasidic music 1st part

With the Chasidic movement born in the 18th century appeared a new style of Jewish vocal music: the Chasidic song, some of which you can listen to in this playlist

Half way between religious and popular music, Chasidic tunes are the living expression of joy and spirituality

It is the melody that prevails, often accompanied with short onomatopoeias such as « doy doy doy » or « ya-ba-bam » generally repeated several times. Body movements can, also go with these nigunim (lit. « tunes »).

doc_hassidique_500px_65.jpgAccording to the Baal Shem Tov, it is not exclusively the study of the sacred texts that brings us closer to God, one can also taste the divine essence by singing and dancing.

The nigunim are performed in an expressive vocal style. It’s in the kavanah (the intention) that lays the essence of the nigun following the chasidic saying : « Silence is better than speech, but singing is better than silence ».

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