Release of 10 new music scores for voice or choir and piano by Itai Daniel

The IEMJ Publishing House is pleased to announce the publication of ten new unpublished music scores by ltaï Daniel.

Composer, pianist, conductor, born in Israel, Itaï Daniel settled in France in 2004. As conductor of the Copernic Choral Ensemble since 2009, he has composed numerous pieces related to Jewish liturgy. Among his major works, there are three great cantatas: Machzor Chayïm, Shma Koleinou and B’reishït and many pieces of Jewish liturgical and popular music (Yotzer, Haskivenou, Shalom Rav, Grand Kaddish, Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam…).

Since 2018, The IEMJ Publishing House has published more than 20 works by Itai Daniel. These 10 new scores, are published in 4 collections, to be ordered in paper or digital format:

    1. Shalom Rav Al Yisrael Amkha
    2. Sim Shalom
    3. Shalom Aleikhem
    4. Or Zaru’a laTzadik
    5. El Male Rakhamim
    6. Hinakh Yafa Ra’ayati
    7. Lekha Dodi (with an optional guitar accompaniment)

Browse all of the Itaï Daniel’s scores on the IEMJ’s Online Shop


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