The Oriental Festival

A radio program of the European Institute of Jewish Music hosted by Avner Azoulay

LE FESTIVAL ORIENTAL – June 13, 2019, RADIO J (94.8), 15h35 and 16H05
Broadcasts 64 and 65

Broadcasted every Monday on Radio J (94.8 FM), The Oriental Festival is a radio program from the European Institute of Jewish Music entirely dedicated to Eastern Music.

Avner Azoulay is a radio host and producer on FM since 2002. Trained to Eastern music by his father Maurice Azoulay, radio host of the show La fête orientale on Judaïques FM, Avner Azoulay works since March 2018 at the European Institute of Jewish Music. As part of a partnership with Radio J, he hosts in February 2019 the show The Oriental festival created by Maurice Elfassi on Radio J.

Titles of the songs broadcasted

1st broadcast (3:35 p.m.):

  • Elia Vahav – Chabehi Yeroushalayim (Traditionnal Yerouchalmi piyut)
  • Sanaa Maharati – Taht el Yasmina felil (Tunisian classic)
  • Enrico Macias – L’Oriental (French variety)
  • Neta Elkayam – Taali (Moroccan song)
  • Avner Gadassi – Menaguen Vechar (Israeli variety)

2nd broadcast (4:05 p.m.):

  • Samy El Maghribi – Yodoukha Raayonaye (Traditionnal Moroccan piyut)
  • Reinette L’Oranaise – Nhabek, Nhabek (Oran classic)
  • Hedi Jouini – Samra Samra (Tunisian classic)
  • Nasrine Kadri – Yichma HaEl (Israeli variety)

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