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Polyphonic songs for mixed voices, harmonized for choir by and under the direction of Jean Golgevit.

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Four years after their [first CD->], here is the second album of the band « Oyfn Veg ».

To the initial trio Isajoan with Anne Garcenot, Joëlle Garcenot and Isabelle Morelli have joined Roberto Graiff, tenor, and Jacques Fatus, bass and guitar.

This album features polyphonic songs for mixed voices. They have been recorded by professional soloists, and harmonized for a choir.

It needs time to get acquainted with this culture before singing it, and express the joy and nostalgia, with a glimpse of hope.

Extraits :

01 – Tumbalalaika

02 – Ydl mitn fidl

03 – Vu iz dos gesele

04 – Dem milners trern

05 – Khavele

06 – Una pastora

07 – A la una

09 – Dos lidl fun goldenem land

13 – Du, du

17 – Bay mir bistu sheyn

18 – A glezele lekhayim

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