Judeo-Comtadian songs pardes [from heaven]

The Nekouda Ensemble

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 18, 2012 at 8:45pm
and SUNDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2012 at 4pm

Espace Rachi – 39, rue Broca 75005 PARIS

During the centuries of their presence in the South of France, from the earliest antiquity, the ancient Jewish communities of Provence have, in symbiosis with their environment, developed a culture and an art of living of which many traces remain, notably in their music.
It’s a music of festivities and gatherings, a sunny music, like the host country, in which we find the oriental night.
Judeo-Provençal music, born at the crossroads of Spain, Italy and Northern Europe, carries the most contrasting influences. The sounds of the Andalusia of the three cultures, the Italian Baroque and the French Middle Ages, all under the Occitan banner, are subtly and happily combined…
Nekouda brings back to light this unprecedented repertoire from the forgotten musical heritage of the Provençal diaspora.

Corinne Drai: vocals – Alain Huet: vocals, oud, clarinet – Gaël Ascaso: galoubet and tambourine – Pierre-Laurent Bertolino: hurdy-gurdy – Thomas Bourgeois: percussion

Bookings on 01 43 31 93 60 or http://www.culture-juive.fr/

Concert in partnership with the Centre Français des Musiques Juives.
Full price: 20 euros – Reduced price (including CFMJ members): 15 euros

Listen to excerpts from the CD Musique judéo-provençale by the Nekouda ensemble

Flyer Concert Nekouda February 18 and 19, 2012

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