Gala concert of the European Institute for Jewish Music 2018 – Between East and West

A radio program of the European Institute for Jewish Music hosted by Hervé Roten


The 4th edition of the Gala concert of the European Institute for Jewish Music will take place on November 11, 2018, 5h30 pm, at the salle Cortot (Paris). It will offer to the audience an occasion to travel once more through the various spacio-temporal dimensions of Jewish music.

The first part of this trip led by the singer Françoise Atlan, accompanied by Fouad Didi (oud and violin), Nidhal Jaoua (qanoun), Pierre Rigopoulos (percussions) will take us to the Meditterranean: from Grenade to Algiers, passing by Tunis and Casablanca.

In the second part, the Ensemble Choral Copernic, conducted by Itaï Daniel, will perform un repertoire of Yiddish songs and liturgical tunes of the 19th and 20th centuries.

During that broadcast, we will speak of the particular path of Françoise Atlan. Artist with two cultures, endowed of a unique vocal expression, style and technique, her Judeo-Berber roots brought her naturally to be a lover of the Mediterranean vocal heritage, in particular the Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Arab traditions, while continuing her career of lyrical singer.

Then, with Bruno Fraitag, vice-president of the ULIF-Copernic, we will leave for the Rhine region to meet the Ashkenazi polyphonic tradition, with the Choral Copernic ensemble.

This musical journey between East and West will be, like always, punctuated by many muscal examples. So put on your seat belts, and follow us in this incredible tour.

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Entre orient et occident

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