Noëmi Waysfeld & Blik

Awz Records, 01-2012

Facing Noëmi Waysfeld’s horizon and her band Blik (« look », in Yiddish) : The East, the songs from the shtets, the heartbreaking melodies of Siberian prisoners. But if they bring pictures charged with history and emotion, it is not a reason to fall into « clichés » : the band builds and deconstruct Russian and Yiddish themes, to speak to the heart and brain. Noëmi Waysfeld & Blik blow a renewed winf on new East-European music, between the  mystic circles of David Krakauer, the spark of madness of Yom and the theatre singing of Ella Fitzgerald.

With guest stars Sonia Wieder Atherton and David Krakauer

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