The music of Ahuva Ozeri

A pioneer of Israeli music

A song selection by Ahuva Ozeri, Israeli singer, author and composer

Ahuva Ozeri, Jewish singer of Yemenite origin, started her career in the 1960’s.

She regularly accompanies herself with the “Bulbul Tarang”, an Indian plucked string and keyboard instrument, that she learned to play with Ravi Shankar.

doc_1_ahuva_500px.jpgShe was also a vocal coach for famous artists such as Zohar Argov, Daklon, Yoav Itshakou or the musical band Hadag Nahash.

She passed away on December 13, 2016, at the age of 68.
In forty years, she published over 20 albums; the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz called her “founding mother of Mizrahi music” and the BBC “great priestess of Oriental music”.

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