The CFMJ at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Paris

Conferences, round table and concerts : find all the events co-organized by the CFMJ at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Paris, on June 29 and 30 2011.

Wednesday June 29, in the townhall of the 3rd arrondissement in Paris

  •  14h30-17h30: Interculturality in Jewish music

Screening of the movie Chants de sable et d’étoiles by Nicolas Klotz (90 min, 1997) followed by a conference by Hervé Roten, ethnomusicologist, director of the French Center of Jewish Music and of the music department of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français.

  •  18h30-19h30: Round table on today’s Jewish music

Round table with Claude Szwimer, director of the music label JUMU, Laurence Haziza, artistic director of the Jazz’n Klezmer festival, Eléonore Biezunski, sociologist, historian of klezmer music, Jessica Roda, ethnomusicologist, specialist of Judeo-Spanish music and Hervé Roten, ethnomusicologist, director of the French Center of Jewish Musicdu Centre Français des Musiques Juives and of the music department of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français.: 

  •  20h-23h: Concert of Anakronic Electro Orkestra and Les Yeux Noirs

Anakronic Electro Orkestra is one of the most original and creative bands which appeared recently in the new French klezmer scene. A raging musical UFO from Toulouse. Between dub and drum n’ bass, it takes traditional Jewish music into the 20th century.

With more than a thousand concerts all over the world, Les Yeux Noirs continue its Gypsy-rock and Yiddish-pop voyage since 18 years ! An epic journey in a world without frontiers. An adventure in the land of Roma Gypsies and poets.

Thursday June 30, in the hôtel de Ville de Paris

  •  19h30: Concert by the Texto ensemble and the Saltiel ensemble

The Texto Ensemble, which will soon release a disc in the collection Musical heritage of the Jews of France of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français, offers a musical program sung in Hebrew and Aramean, illustrating the richness of Judeo-Baroque music, in Venice, Mantua and Amsterdam, from 1623 to 1738.

Works by Salamone Rossi and Abraham Caceres.

The Saltiel Ensemble will perform sample of its album Boda – Kantigas de Novia, which gathers ancient songs and tunes collected by Aron Saltiel from Sefardi communities. These songs, which reflect the steps and rituals of Jewish weddings under the Ottoman Empire until the middle of the 20th century, have been recorded in Istambul in 2010. For this project, Turkish musicians enriched the improvised tunes (taksim) in the way of the musicians who accompanied Jewish weddings for centuries.

Watch Hervé Roten’s lecture on Interculturality in Jewish music


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