Music from the prayers of Rosh Hashanah

Sheet music for choral and cantor from the Great Synagogue of La Victoire.

The 75 pages that come from the collection of the Synagogue of La Victoire, were compiled by Georges Terrier (former conductor of the Synagogue of La Victoire), Jean-Marc Thoron (current conductor) and René Lévy. It gathers 73 musical scores, 2 to 4 parts for chorus and cantor, of the main prayers of the evening service, the morning service and Musaf of Rosh Hashanah.

doc_2_roch_hachana_500px.jpgAmong these: traditional tunes, but also compositions and arrangements by Louis Lewandowski, Samuel Naumbourg, Jules Franck, Léon Algazi Maurice Benhamou, Fernand Slama and Emmanuelle Souffan (that last score dates from 2007) …

The musical archives of the Great Synagogue of La Victoire is today the largest collection of liturgical music in France. The EIJM counted over 2.300 musical scores that have been identified, digitized and catalogued between September 2011 and the 2016.

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