Oyfn Veg (en chemin)

Popular Yiddish songs

This album features 13 popular Yiddish songs performed by the female trio ISAJOAN (Anne Garcenot,  Joëlle Garcenot et Isabelle Morelli). It was harmonized and conducted by Jean Golgevit.

The lyrics of the songs which feature in this CD — translated by Batia Baum — are all present in the eponymous compilation of musical scores which comprises 38 Yiddish songs, Oyfn Veg, harmonized for choir from 2 to 6 voices by Jean Golgevit and published by the Maison de la Culture Yiddish in Paris. The user can thus, without knowing Yiddish, understand the song and perform it in its original language.

This audio support, by suggesting a possible execution of the melodies and of the choral singing, allows to appropriate this repertoire and type of music, of which in which now grows far beyond Jewish circles.

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