Modim anahnou lakh

Samuel Lison and Thibaut Louppe – Tribute to Cantor Emile Kaçmann

Autoproduction, 2010

The cantor Samuel Lison and Thibaut Louppe (former organ player for the Jewish community of Metz) invite you to discover or rediscover works of German cantorial music from the 19th century, following the tradition of Danzig and Königsberg. It features mainly liturgical music from Shabbat and the Tishri holidays, with sometimes a choir of men.

This CD is a tribute to Cantor Emile Kaçmann (1914-2001), the cantor of the ULIF-Copernic until 1991. It can be purchased for 15 € + transport fee by contacting Samuel Lison : or by telephone +33 1 6 47 08 60 42.


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