Tshiriboym – New Yiddish songs

By Jacques Grober

Maison de la Culture Yiddish – Bibliothèque Medem, 2006, 162 p.

Tshiriboym gathers 48 songs written by Jacques Grober (1951-2006), author, composer and singer, since the 1980’s, and 9 nigunim, melodies inspired from the Chasidic tradition. Several have been performed by Jacques Grober, others were sung in a choir: songs of childhood or wandering, songs of love and humor, politic or Chasidic songs, each one of them holds the heritage of great tradition of Yiddish songs, playing sometimes with multilingualism which is one particularity of Jewish existence in Diaspora.

Born in Paris in 1951, Jacques Grober, an author, composer and singer, met in 1978 the singer Sarah Gorby, who passed him on her repertoire in Yiddish and Russian. The Yiddish songs wake up words heard during childhood. Jacques Grober would then write his own songs in Yiddish.

Jacques Grober’s voice is at the same time a sign, a number, a color of which it is no need tyo decipher, as they belong, in bitterness, harshness or tenderness, to the intimate code of our lives.”

Translated from Charles Dobzynski (Back cover of the sheet music)

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