Katouna, for clarinet and cello

Release of a new musical score by Serge Kaufman, at the EIJM’s editions

Composer, journalist, producer for radio and television and filmmaker, Serge Kaufmann has enriched the field of Jewish music for nearly 30 years, composing works with evocative names, such as : Yiddish SuiteSmall klezmer suiteLe Maharam de RothenbourgNeshamaKol nidréYesod

After having written 30 musical scores released by the EIJM’s Editions (see below), sheet music for solo vocal or for choir, solo instruments or small ensembles, available on paper or digital on the EIJM’s online shop, he just released Katouna, for clarinet and cello.



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Purchase the CD Ima ou la mère dépossédée by Serge Kaufmann

Watch excerpts from the concert performed on March 21, 2010 – Église Notre-Dame de la Daurade in Toulouse, for the release of the CD “Serge Kaufmann – Ima ou la mère dépossédée”
Watch excerpts from the EIJM’s Gala Concert of November 6, 2015, during which the Petite suite klezmer for clarinet and piano by Serge Kaufmann was performed for the first time


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