Alberto Hemsi- Coplas Sefardies


Published in Egypt (1932-1938) and France (1969-1973), the Coplas Sefardies are a collection of Judeo-Spanish songs for voice and piano composed by Alberto Hemsi from tunes and pieces of Spanish poetry.

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The various elements of the collection were brought together by Hemsi in Sefardi communities of the old Ottoman Empire. Between 1923 and 1937, Hemsi collected 230 poems. From this vast corpus, he retained 60 traditional tunes which he set to music in his Coplas Sefardies for piano and voice.

Extraits :

01 – Al Ruido de una Fuente

05 – Una Matica de Ruda

06 – Tres Hermanicas

13 – Arboles Lloran por Luvia

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