Kol Nidre – New visions


This new CD offers ten new musical visions of Kol Nidré, including two world premieres: Alexandre Tansman’s Kol Nidrei (manuscript, 1945) and Jean-François Zygel’s piano work.

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“Kol Nidré”: with these words begins the impressive and poignant prayer introducing the twenty-four hours of the most solemn day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur. The traditional melody of this prayer has always exercised a real power of fascination and enchantment, not only in the Jewish world but also in many composers who have drawn inspiration from it to compose works of sublime beauty.

In 2010, the Israel Liberal Union of France (ULIF) and the European Institute of Jewish Music (IEMJ) had already produced a first disc entitled “Kol Nidré – Eight Visions”. Eight years later, the ULIF Copernicus and the IEMJ reoffend with the publication of this CD which offers ten new musical visions of Kol Nidré, including two world creations: the Kol Nidrei by Alexandre Tansman (manuscript, 1945) and that of Jean-François Zygel for piano.
You can also hear the kol nidre of Alberto Hemsi (voice and piano), Denis Cuniot (improvisation Jazz), Eyal Bitton (cantor and choir a cappella), Ben Zebelman (piano, violin and cello), Sid Robinovitch (solo guitar) Joachim Stutschewsky (harp and cello), Jean-François Zygel (piano and cello) and Itaï Daniel (choir, tenor, clarinet and string quartet).
A reference disc performed by world-renowned artists (Martine Bailly, Liat Cohen, Sivan Magen, Jean-François Zygel …) accompanied by a richly documented libretto (texts by Delphine Horvilleur, Hervé Roten and Bruno Fraitag).

Extraits :

01 – TANSMAN Kol Nidre

10 – ZYGEL Kol Nidre piano seul

02 – ZYGEL Kol Nidre piano violoncelle

03 – HEMSI Kol Nidre

04 – CUNIOT Kol Nidre

05 – BITTON Kol Nidre

06 – ZEBELMAN Kol Nidre

07 – ROBINOVITCH Kol Nidre


09 – DANIEL Kol Nidre

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