Yerushe, HeritageTreasures from Yiddish musical archives

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Yerushe, which means heritage in Yiddish, revives a whole part of Yiddish songs that were sleeping in European and American archives. A thrilling project of resurrection, performed by Eléonore Biezunski (vocals, violin) and her musicians: Stephen Harrison (double bass and banjo), Piotr Odrekhivskyy (accordion), Michel Schick (clarinets, transverse flute and ukulele), and guests Laurent d’Aumale (vocals), Marine Goldwaser (Romanian flutes), Michel Taïeb (banjo and percussion), Nils Wekstein (percussion) and Rémy Yulzari (double bass).


Extraits :

A Volich

Fin mayn mamelyu

Hostu mikh lib

Meydelekh un vaybelekh

Sher n°281

Skotshne Vinnitsa

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