A Tickle In The Heart with Deborah Strauss

AER, 2011

The American violinist Deborah Strauss and the trio A Tickle in The Heart offer us a new album of klezmer music, Fidlroyz, with softness and accuracy.

In the Yiddish culture, the fidl (violin in Yiddish) is the most famous symbol of klezmer music. Fidlroyz is the name of the first concert by the violinist from New-York Deborah Strauss and the Cologne klezmer trio A Tickle In The Heart

These four artists are profoundly anchopred in the Yiddish musical culture since decades and bring all their experience to this CD, which will highlight the klezmer violin in all its beauty and polyvalence, in an interaction and dialogue with the musicians.

Violin, accordion, vocals : Deborah Strauss
Clarinet, flute, vocals : Bernd Spehl
Guitar, mandoline, vocals : Andreas Schmitges
Doublebass,  guitar, percussion, vocals : Thomas Fritze

Guest stars : Guy Schalom, Jeff Warschauer, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Esther Gottesman

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