The group Kalarash has been exploring traditional music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans for 12 years. Composed of Agathe Llorca (vocals, violin, mandolin), David Lefebvre (vocals, guitar, cymbalum), Erik Jankowsky (double bass), Vincent Périer (clarinet) and Elsa IIIe (accordion), Kalarash performs regularly in France and around the world to liven up dances or shows that never leave their listeners indifferent

The name of the group refers to a well-known klezmer tune, but also to a small town in Moldova (Călărași which means “The Horsemen”), whose streets resound with tunes inspired by Romanian, Gypsy and klezmer folklore. With this claim, Kalarash draws inspiration from these small string orchestras, the taraf for Romanian lautar music or the kapelye for klezmer music, and performs dance tunes, sometimes ceremonial, sometimes lively, traditional Yiddish and cabaret songs, Romanian ballads and other surprises.

Kalarash has released three CDs: Tirez la roulotte (2015), Mes joyeux compagnons (2019) and Nos chevauchées (2021). The present compilation gathers the main klezmer music tunes, Yiddish and French songs from these albums, as well as several previously unreleased pieces. A great discovery!

This CD was produced with the support of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français, the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, the Fondations Henriette Halphen and Irène et Jacques Darmon, under the aegis of the FJF.

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