Klezmer Attitude: the album Hiphopkhasene

A radio broadcast of Radio Judaica Lyon hosted by Edmond Ghrenassia


Edmond Ghrenassia presents this week the album Hiphopkhasene. Result of a collaboration between the Canadian musician Socalled, creator of hip-hop klezmer, and the brilliant British violinist Sophie Solomon. This CD, of which the fusion aspect is clearly annouced by the title (khasene means marriage in Yiddish, hip hop is a contemporary musical style), is just like those two musicians. Solidly rooted in tradition, and at the same time avant-garde, Hiphopkhasene was released in Germany in 2003 by Piranha Records.

edmond_casque_ok_petit-2.jpgFormed to be engeneer, and teacher in University, Edmond Ghrenassia hosts since 2005 the show Klezmer Attitude on Radio Judaïca Lyon, program created to favor the diffusion of Jewish music. In 2009, he creates the International Festival of Jewish Music of Lyon which takes place in the Espace Hillel, where he programmed over 50 concerts. Amateur musician, he plays in several klezmer bands since 2003 and recorded several CD’s..

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