Kol Nidré, Neshama, Kinah, Tfila, Petite suite klezmer…

Release of twenty scores from Serge Kaufmann by the Editions de l’IEMJ


Composer, journalist, producer for radio and television and filmmaker, Serge Kaufmann has enriched for 25 years the field of Jewish music by composing works with evocative names : Yiddish SuiteLittle Klezmer SuiteThe Rothenbourg MaharamNeshamaKol nidréYesod


Twenty of his works composed for solo voice or choir, solo instruments or small ensembles, are now available on paper or digital music sheets on the IEMJ online shop. To order or know more about it, simply click on the names of the music sheets beneath.


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To order the CD “Ima or la mère dépossédée” by Serge Kaufmann


View excerpts from the IEMJ Gala Concert on November 6, 2015

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