Kurt Weill

Kurt Weill, from the Weimar Republic to Broadway: Story of a music genius

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI – TUESDAY 12TH MARCH 2019, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H00 Hervé Roten invites the composer and musicologist Bruno Giner for the release of of his book Kurt Weill (…) Read more

Kurt Weill

Composer and musicologist, Bruno Giner* presents and analyses in this new book Kurt Weill’s masterpieces but also his life in which shone she who was for long her muse: the singer Lotte (…) Read more

Kurt Weill (1900-1950)

PLAYLIST A selection of compositions by Kurt Weill, partly inspired from Judaism Read more

Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)

Kurt Julian Weill is born in Dessau on March 2, 1900. He is the third of four children of Emma Ackermann and Albert Weill, cantor in the synagogue of Dessau (from 1899 to 1919) and composer, (…) Read more

Perdu dans les étoiles ou Le destin juif de Kurt Weill

Author of three books dedicated to Kurt Weill, Roland Bélicha is a former collaborator of the magazines Revue Musicale and Revue Finno-ougrienne. He also wrote about Erik (…) Read more