Concert Matrouz by Simon Elbaz

Artistic creation of interweaving languages and music

Matrouz means « which is embroidered » in Arabic. From oral tradition, this Judeo-North African heritage born in the multicultural region of medieval Andalusia is sung in Arabic and Hebrew.

For this creation, Simon Elbaz explores different ways of expression : music, singing, storytelling and theatre, which for the first time puts on stage the Matrouz repertoire.

The excerpt below mixes poetry and North Africa-Andalusian, Judeo-Spanish, eastern, medieval… music, A journey from tradition to contemporary creation, from a village of Morocco to Paris.

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Excerpts from the concert Matrouz recorded in the Centre d’Art et de Culture – Espace Rachi (2015)

With :
-Simon Elbaz : compositions, arrangements, vocals, luth
and the Ensemble Amedyez :
-Rachid Brahim-Djelloul : violin, vocals
-Noureddine Aliane : mandoline, luth
-Sofia Djemaï : mandoline
-Dahmane Khalfa : percussions

Self produced with no financial support
made by the “Artisans du Matrouz” with a home camera, a computer and the support of :
Films de l’Atalante, Centre d’Art et de Culture de l’Espace Rachi, Ed. Les Patriarches Dar Al-Uns.
1 h 59 min, Color

MATROUZ / Tel +33 (0)6 10 77 15 24 /

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