Erransa 1 and 2, Sandra Hurtado-Ròs

Songs of wandering in the Mediterranean, sefardi songs

With an expressionist and colourful performance, Sandra Hurtado-Ròs sings the troubadour’s cansos and sefardi songs.

With her intensive passion for melody, she gives us through her clear voice the songs from her birth place Andalusia. The songs from the Sefardi are monotonic melodies stemming from popular music that were in fashion among the Jewish communities established in Spain from the old testamant until 1492, downfall of Grenade and beginning of the Reconquista. These ballads were brought around the Mediterranean sea, Turkey, Marocco, Bosnia, Greece, Bulgaria, and are sung in Ladino, old Castillian. They talk of the day routines of an uprooted population.


Playing with her on the first CD is Véronique Condesse-Bonnevide with the harp, and on the 2nd CD we can hear more oriental instruments, such as the gembri, saz, rebab, kanun…

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