Popular Yiddish songs and poems

A production from Anima@Cie, with the support of the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah

Eva always sang. Even in Auschwitz concentration camps, singing was a mean of fight and hope. As a child in Poland, whe went to a Jewish school where the teaching was made in Yiddish. She still remembers the popular songs she use to hear when she was a baby.

Aged over a hundred years old, she still sings ! Her voice is surprisingly accurate. She is a treasure, a living heritage. She knows as well the big hits of the popular repertoire as lesser known songs.
Eva offers us a song of hope, full of faith that never left her.

This book and CD features 41 songs and 6 poems with lyrics in Yiddish, their transliteration and translation in French.

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