Across Boundaries: Discovering Russia 1910–1940 – Vol.2: The New Jewish School

EDA Edition Abseits, EDA 014-2, 1999

The creation of the Popular Jewish Music Society in Saint-Petersburg in 1908 marked the beginning of a revival of Jewish music. Among the founders were Lazare Saminsky, Schlomo Rosowsky, Michail Gnessin and Alexandre Shitomirsky, all pupils of Rimski-Korsakov, who was a great admiror of the  « huge melodic treasures belonging to the Jewish nation ».

This CD by the pianist and musicologist Jascha Nemstov offers an overview of this “new school” through works for solo piano of three of the most representative Jewish Russian composers of the time, all members of the Jewish Music Society : Joseph Achron, Alexander Weprik and Lazare Saminsky.

Featuring :
Lazare Saminsky (1882-1959)
– Danse rituelle du Sabbath (1919)
– Hebrew Fairy Tale (1919)
– Etude (1919)
Alexander M. Veprik (1899-1958)
– Three Folk Dances (1928)
– Piano Sonata no. 2 (1924)
Joseph Achron (1886-1943)
– Dream (1923)
– Welcome (1923)
– Six Pieces from “Children’s Suite” (1923)
– Symphonic Variations and Sonata on a Jewish Theme “El jiwneh Hagalil” (1915)

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