In order to make the work and objectives of the European Institute of Jewish Music known in Rhineland, the German journalist Bettina Kaps visited the Institute in Paris in March 2022.

…A first floor room in the south of Paris… The letters “IEMJ” (EIJM) are written on the door’s plate. Only a few passers-by can suspect that behind this acronym and in this discreet place hides a real jewel box: the European Institute of Jewish Music.

The article “Europäisches Institut für Jüdische Musik – Das Gedächtnis jüdischer Musik” as well as the on-site interview broadcast on August 19, 2022 on the national radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur can be viewed and listened to (in German) on the Deutschlandfunk Kultur website.

“Our Institute is quite unique. We want to preserve, enhance and disseminate the entire Jewish musical heritage,” explains the founder and director of the Institute, Hervé Roten.

Read and listen to the interview conducted in March 2022 by Bettina Kaps, broadcast on August 19, 2022 – DeutschlandfunkKultur website

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