Music in ancient Israel

Alfred Sendrey

Philosophical Library New York, 01-01-1969

This book presents the music at the Biblical time and in the beginning of the Talmudic period. Particularly well documented, it features the origins, the foprms and ethics of Hebrew music. It was buiolt on recent archeological discoveries and on contemporary Biblical research, dealing with sacred music and also the vast field of old secular music. The clarity with which the author, Alfred Sendrey, reads the common musical heritage of Jews and Christians is particularli interesting for the Christian world  in this period of interprète l’héritage musical commun au judaïsme et au christianisme est particulièrement intéressante pour le monde chrétien en cette période de ecumenical discussion. 

Alfred Sendrey (1884-1976) was a teacher of musicology in the university of Judaism in Los Angeles, and widely known in the filed of musicology for his important Bibliography of Jewish music, publshed by Columbia University Press (1951). This book is still today the main work of reference for the study of Jewish music and used world wide.

Alfred Sendrey was an American conductor and composer of Hungarian origin. Pupil of  Koessler in the Budapest Academy (1901-5), he worked in Germany, USA, Austria as an opera conductor (also with the Leipzig symphonic orchestra, 1924-32), and settled in Paris (1933-40) and finally in USA, where he finished his studies on Jewish music. He passed away on March 3rd, 1976 in Los Angeles.

Table of contents:
Section I. The Music of the Earlier and of the Neighboring Civilizations
Section II. The Bible and other Sources of Jewish Music
Section III. Systematic Survey of Biblical References to Music
Section IV. The Book of Psalms
Section V. Singing in Ancient Israel
Section VI. The Musical Instruments
Section VII. The Orchestra
Section VIII. The dance
Section IX. Music Instruction
Section X. The Supernatural Power of Music
Section XI. Women in the Music of Ancient israel
Section XII. Music Organization

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