Samy Elmaghribi

A selection of Samy Elmaghribi's best songs

An author, composer and singer of music inspired by the Judeo-Moroccan and Andalusian heritage, Samy Elmaghribi wrote between 1942 and 1964 a repertoire of songs which beacme popular in all of North Africa. Influenced by Salim Halali of whom he greatly admired the voice, he sang traditional songs, in particular ancient qassidat by Sidi Qaddour Al ‘Alami, Cheikh Bouazza, Bensliman and other great tenors of the malhun poetry. Also, he wrote a popular music featuring traditional influences, based on the motifs of malhun or hawzi.

In 1960, il emigrated to Canada and became, in 1967, the first chazan (cantor) of the Hispanic and Portuguese synagogue Shearith Israel of Montreal, a position that he would keep for 16 years.

In 1984, he settled down in Israel and created the Merkaz Piyyout Veshira, a Sephardic music center where he held the position of educational director.

In 1996, il returned living in Montreal, but continued to travel the world and participated in many important musical events, such as the Festival of Gharnati Songs in Rabat and Oujda (1999) and the Arab-Andalusian Festival at the UNESCO in Paris (2000). He also worked as a cantor in the Sephardic synagogue Beit Yosef in New Jersey (USA), and taught Sephardic liturgy, at the Yeshiva University of New York, among other places.

He passed away on March 9, 2008 in Montreal.

In the featuring playlist, discover several of his most beautiful works, such as Omri Manensek Ya Mamma, a song dedicated to mothers, or encore Kaftanek Mahloul, on which generations of families danced in celebrations and « Oriental cabaret » evenings. Have a good trip and good listening!

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